Black and White desert

Black and White desert

Experience Well worth the adventure The “Black and white desert” site is gorgeous and you may have the sensation of being on another safari. Live the superior experience at “Black and White desert” relish your trip you can spend less time searching and time dreaming about where you’ll go. Now Explore the good and […]

Western Desert Egypt

Western Desert Egypt

Top safari Egypt. Do you want to enjoy trips Western Desert? now you can live a unique adventure experience in the white desert with Oasis Egypt Safari, Enjoy privately adventure tours private in safari Western Desert Egypt. Enjoy your vacation at western desert Egypt Company Oasis Egypt Safari one of the bestead safari trip companies […]

White desert Egypt

white desert Egypt

White Desert charming The ((White desert Egypt)) best escape anyone can have, Company Oasis Egypt Safari offers Tours Package to Desert Egypt Travel. “where you will be able to explore and live Adventure and relaxing” with company Oasis Egypt Safari. will see the beauty in the ((safari white desert)) is notable for the rock formations. […]

White Desert Safari

white desert

Trips with Oasis Egypt Safari group Its white desert Safari – a national park located in Egypt that is 45 km ( north of the town of Farafra), white desert Safari A main and bestead geographic magnetization of Farafra. as well as, Part of the park is in the Farafra Oasis (New Valley Governorate).the the […]

Bahariya oasis – western desert

Bahariya oasis – western desert The Bahariya oasis Egypt Has consists of many villages like villages of (Mandishah) as well as el-Zabuabout Located ten kilometers. And A smaller village called el-‘Aguz lies between El Bawiti and Mandishah. As well, of which El Bawiti is the largest and the managerial center. The Bahariya consists of many […]